Unleashed Unveil Leading D+I Qualification

29 March 2022 | Author: Chris Taylor

Talent management consultancy and Includability Verification Partner, Unleashed, has unveiled the first Level 5 qualification for the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) profession to include practical elements like networking and action management.

Launching from 30 March 2022, Unleashed say this programme has been designed to support those working in the EDIB profession to develop all the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to progress inclusion and remove systemic barriers in their organisations.  

Developed over the course of a year in conjunction with Unleashed’s community platform The Arena Network, the programme is aimed at HR managers learning about EDIB, and for aspiring and senior leaders already working the field to give them the practical experience required to advance or looking to lead in an inclusive way.

Modules include instruction on Being an Effective Leader, Leading the EDI Function, Embedding Inclusion in the Organisation and Understanding Identity & Demographics. With a further 16 hours of teaching time devoted to action-based learning.

A spokesperson for Unleashed says the main benefit of this programme for employers is, “That it goes way beyond the usual parameters of a traditional qualification and is designed to give our learners the tools and practical abilities needed to unleash the potential of inclusion within their organisation as well as equip them to lead and embed EDIB strategy.”

The primary benefit to employees will be a more inclusive working environment with policies written with equality factored into best practice, rather than individual management decisions where policy language can be exclusionary toward LGBT+, neurodivergent people and others. Modules will also cover accessibility of organisations’ IT, technology, and office spaces.

Unleashed have offered a 15% discount to the Includability Community for workshops beginning 30th March. The course runs for 26 weeks between 30 Mar 2022 - 31 Aug 2022 with workshop dates and booking information here.