The HR Agency Becomes Verification Partner for Leadership & Governance

Includability Verification Process Expands with Further Exploratory Contact

1 July 2022 | Author: Chris Taylor

Includability is delighted to announce the expansion of its independent Verification Processes with the introduction of the Leadership and Governance exploratory contact experience, which will be administered by The HR Agency.

The HR Agency is a purpose-driven HR consultancy founded in 2020 by Will Cleare to provide clients a full range of HR solutions. The HR Agency understands that identifying a desire to do business better is only the start to making a positive difference. What turns these good intentions into meaningful and impactful actions, is good governance and great leadership. Good governance is the pursuit of purpose. It is a journey requiring constant vigilance and adaptation to external and internal changes. 

As such it requires ethical, competent, and responsible leadership to inspire and engage everyone in bringing it to life. It’s essential for any business with purposeful aspirations to ensure great leadership and good governance is in place.

Explaining the value to incorporating Leadership and Governance into the Includability Verification Process, Cleare said, “For purpose driven organisations, good governance is crucial. An organisation that has a good governance framework in place is taking those intentions for wanting to do better for the environment that benefits society and the world around us and turning them into meaningful action.”

Undergoing the Includability verification process means an employer has committed to take the journey toward authentic inclusion by integrating fairness into their company culture and into each stage of their recruitment process by making commitments in the fields of sustainability, mental health, wellbeing, talent management, diversity and inclusion and leadership and governance (and diversity in recruitment processes for Includability Committed Recruitment Agencies).

Successfully completing the Includability 5 Star Verification Process for Includability Committed Employers and the 6 Star Verification Process for Includability Committed Recruitment Agencies immediately opens access to a growing community network of purpose-led organisations. The display of our Includability Committed Employer or Includability Committed Recruitment Agency badge signifies to audiences and jobseekers that the holder is committed to undertaking steps to better themselves through education and collaboration. In a values-driven market, employers can enjoy a wider range of talent from our accreditation.    

Our Veriffication Processes are independently conducted by Includability Official Partners; Prosperah, Outliers Wellbeing, Flex Wellbeing, Unleashed, Mental Health Charter CIC, and The HR Agency (and Diversity in Recruitment for Includability Committed Recruitment Agencies) to ensure employer practices align with established definitions of an ‘Inclusive Workplace’.

During the contact period of the verification process, The HR Agency will conduct a 45-minute call with potential Includability Committed Employers and Includability Committed Recruitment Agencies to explore your current approach to leadership and governance. Looking at the four pillars of:

Organisational Structure

Roles & Responsibilities

People & Culture


The team will follow-up the call with recommendations on how to further improve your leadership and governance framework ensuring your purpose is translated into action.

Organisations that commit to having a resound Leadership and Governance strategy would benefit from having a greater impact and positive presence in their communities and have the ability to report that their values and commitments are being acted upon. Organisations would also benefit from increased levels of employee wellbeing and satisfaction within the organisation resulting from a clear strategy and direction of the business.