September 2021 Employer Support Group



Wednesday Sep 29, 2021


We would love you to register for our upcoming Includability Employer Support Group (ESG), taking place on Wednesday 29th September.

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About this event

We would love you to register for our upcoming Includability Employer Support Group (ESG), taking place on Wednesday 29th September. 

Date: Wednesday, 29th September 2021

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM


This monthly ESG will give you the opportunity to get to know other people that are part of the Includability Community - together we can make meaningful change.

If you have any colleagues that you would like us to include on our invitations then please don't hesitate to let us know - simply drop us a note to and we will make sure they never miss an event. Includability is here to help and empower your staff so please do remember to share amongst your team.


ESG Webinar Details

ESG Purpose: To provide an environment where friendships are formed, collaboration is encouraged and we get to share successful initiatives and/or help each other overcome barriers.

We do have a few basic 'House Rules'

  • Engage
  • Collaborate
  • Inspire

Open to every company and person that is committed to creating an authentically inclusive culture.



Each ESG will last approximately 75 minutes and will be a relaxed environment.

We would love to highlight any webinars, events or initiatives you are running during the coming month – please email us in advance with the details (datetimetopicguests (or if you are looking to get additional guests) and HOW TO REGISTER or PARTICIPATE) to


Guest Speaker 01:

Alice Troiano, Co-Founder of Prosperah

Prosperah helps organisations explore a space where social responsibility and sustainability are reimagined as a competitive advantage. Turn your purpose into action. Turn your actions into benefits.

Alice will be talking to the ESG about the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Website | LinkedIn



Breakout Room 1

Split into breakout rooms to give you a chance to talk in smaller groups – 15 Minutes / Max 5 People Per Room.

  • Alice will pose a question for you to discuss.
  • Please don’t be shy - we are all here for each other!
  • Talk about yourself, your job, your passions, your company, and your ideas.
  • What you are hoping to gain from the ESG and what can you offer to the ESG community.
  • In terms of advice, webinars, guest speaking, consultancy services, inspirational talks, other connections, roundtables, etc.
  • Talk about any initiatives yourself or your company are currently running/have run previously (what is going well / what hasn’t gone so well), what barriers or obstacles is your company facing currently and what support would really help you out.
  • Think E,D&I / Environmental & Sustainability / Mental Health / Wellbeing / Ex-Military / Charity.


Guest Speaker 02:

Matthew Lock, Co-Founder of Outliers Wellbeing

Outliers Wellbeing exists to disrupt corporate wellbeing with honest provision that empowers employees, and their loved ones to live healthier and happier lives and ensure we leave a sustainable legacy we can be proud of.

Matt will be talking to the ESG about the value of creating a business culture that supports wellbeing

Website LinkedIn | Instagram | YouTube




Breakout Room 2

Split into Breakout rooms to give you another chance to meet new members of the Includability Family and talk in smaller groups – 15 Minutes / Max 5 People Per Room.

  • Matt will give you a topic to discuss in your group.
  • Be Vocal. Is there anything that you would like to ask our Guest Speakers, or maybe you would to like to ask the ESG for help or some advice on, perhaps we can help you find a solution on something in particular or you’d like some inspiration for a new project? This is your platform!


Guest Speaker 03:

Wai Foong Ng, Founder & CEO of Matchable

Matchable is a digital platform matching companies and individuals with game-changing opportunities to work with exciting non-profits and startups on innovative projects.

Foong will be talking to the ESG about Matchable’s fantastic work and how the Includability Community can gain access to these projects

Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram



For every person that attends this month's ESG, we will plant a tree through our partnership with Ecologi. Please do take a look at our Includability Forest.

There will also be an opportunity to support one of three fantastic projects through B1G1.

If you have anything you would like us to mention to the group or would like to seek their advice on any topic then please don’t hesitate to let us know – you can drop us a note anytime at


We can’t wait to have you with us! :)