Event from UK for Good - Law, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing and Comms firms....is B Corp for you?



Thursday Jun 9, 2022


Join us to learn why forward-thinking firms are becoming B Corp, how you can become one, and why it matters to the future success.


Date: Thursday, 9 June 2022

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 BST

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Profit per equity partner is no longer the only measure of success for professional services firms.

Bottom-up, people (clients and staff) are evaluating firms by the impact they are having on their people, communities and of course the planet.

Top down, leaders of professional services firms are looking at how they can adapt to future-proof their businesses.

Investors too are increasingly choosing to put their money into businesses that have higher levels of social, environmental and societal performance. B Corp and B Corp-style businesses. Businesses that are considered better-run, lower risk, more sustainable, and therefore more successful.

And we recognise it can feel overwhelming. You're struggling to find great people and keep them. Profitability is under pressure. It's tough.

We’re here to help you.


On this webinar you’ll:

  • learn about the significant environmental and societal challenges for professional services firms
  • what’s the business case for change?
  • what’s a B Corp, why does it matter?
  • the benefits of being a better business
  • next steps



Our Speakers and panellists:

  • Donna Okell – B Leader and Founder of UK for Good and Cheshire for Good
  • Angela Monaghan – Purpose & Impact Manager, Bates Wells, the first B Corp certified law firm in the UK
  • Alex Hamilton, CEO and founder of Radiant Law, certified B Corp law firm
  • Kung Fu Accounting, certified B Corp accountancy firm