Includability Partner Wins B1G1 Award

Image Credit: B1G1

Celebrating our Official Partner’s B1G1 Special Recognition

July 30th 2021  |  Author: Chris Taylor


Includability Official partner, EllisKnight International has jointly won the Geographic Giving Award given out by the philanthropic social enterprise and official Includability Giving Back Charity, B1G1.

This award honours companies with a ‘great reach of giving’ that create meaningful impacts globally. B1G1 say this is not a regular award as they wanted to showcase some of unique ways their members have been giving. Two members were recognised, including EllisKnight and Seblan Medical Pty, for ‘unique giving’ across multiple countries.

David Holby-Wolinski, a Director at EllisKnight and Includability, said: “‘We’re all just so thrilled to have been presented with this award and I’m beyond proud of our wonderful team at EllisKnight. We have such a fantastic relationship with B1G1 and they have given us the ability to make a positive impact on the world simply by doing what we do on a daily basis. As a purpose led business, we are driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the way they have been set to define the world we want, applying to all nations and leaving no one behind. It’s an honour to be recognised by them in such a way and we will continue to work hard to create a world full of giving.”


EllisKnight – a Berkshire based recruitment agency

The Berkshire based recruitment agency have been supporting ‘exciting local and national organisations’ with their talent acquisition strategy and provide candidates with a hand to hold throughout their career.

EllisKnight say they ‘pride themselves on their ability to help others’, they also place tremendous emphasis on environmental sustainability, community support and charitable fundraising.

The champions of the slogan, ‘The Ethical Recruiter’ have been a partner of Includability since its inception in early 2021. With both companies sharing many common goals on an environmental standpoint including becoming B Corp certified, becoming Planet Mark certified, and giving to B1G1 causes.

Paul Smith, Founder of Includability and Director of EllisKnight offered his congratulations to the EllisKnight team on their efforts. He said, “Huge congratulations to the team EllisKnight for being joint winners of the B1G1 Geographic Giving Award. It’s great to see their continued commitment to supporting incredible projects and creating impacts that make a genuine difference. Keep up the amazing work!”


B1G1 HABIT Global Award

EllisKnight were also finalists for the B1G1 HABIT Global Award. This award celebrates B1G1 businesses that have given continually in 2020. B1G1 say they have exemplified the giving spirit of philanthropy by actively incorporating it into their business.

Emma Ruttle, Sustainability Manager at EllisKnight said, “I am so immensely proud of EllisKnight and our B1G1 award. We have fully embraced B1G1 into our everyday work life over the past year and I have the pleasure of choosing different projects each week and always aim to select different projects that resonate with our team and clients. There are so many worthy projects to choose from! EllisKnight also provide staff with a monthly credit in to our personal B1G1 accounts so we get to choose those projects that the mean the most to us, which is amazing.”

Also known as Buy1Give1, B1G1 are a membership organisation in which over 2500 around the world give back to communities in need via ‘high impact projects’. These projects are tied in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They have over 500 projects running with an intuitive platform to track the impacts made by individual businesses.

The Singapore based philanthropy facilitators say their awards event alone created 20,715 giving impacts, which included; planting trees, providing recycled plastic blocks to build schools, giving business training to aspiring families and women, giving mental health support to people with special needs, supporting communities to stay together, among others. They have made over 247 million impacts since their founding in 2007.