How to make a potentially challenging conversation a great one as a leader



Thursday Jun 17, 2021


Discover as a leader how to ensure that a potentially 'challenging' conversation becomes a great empowering one!

About this event:

  • This Online Workshop has limited spaces as it is designed to be live and interactive… or just to observe if you wish!
  • Have you ever felt a conversation has gone out of control - defensive even? I certainly have!
  • I know from experience once we have some tools and techniques to put in place we can make every conversation a great one so all parties feel empowered and heard, no matter what the situation or type of personality involved - so you are 100% on the right track! 

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Dr Lizzy is a transformational coach and the founder of Release Your Potential Ltd. In addition, she is an international speaker, an author and a specialist in wellbeing, resilience and cultural change. This is after 25 years in the Army as a nurse, midwife where she has deployed all over the world including Afghanistan. She was Chair of Nursing for the International Committee of Military Medicine and supported nurses globally to feel empowered.

She is passionate to support authentic leaders to stand tall and own who they are, identify and live their values and identify their vision and purpose so they can thrive as they create their legacy.