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What is an Includability Committed Employer?

An Includability Committed Employer is the sign of a company committed to treating people fairly and is willing to be part of a wider community to share best practice, to empower your employees and to work together for the greater good of society. Accountability is key, but that doesn't mean pointing fingers. 

It shows Job Seekers that you are committed to doing the right thing, which as a Job Board, is the least we can expect from you, right :-) 

Your Company isn’t perfect and you don’t have every strategy in place!

No company is perfect and every company is at a different stage of their ‘journey’ – We are not expecting perfection, we want companies that are committed to treating people equitably, that have good intentions to implement new processes and initiatives, and that are willing to engage and collaborate with others.

If you are unsure where to start, just ask!

We are super confident that there will be someone in our Community that will help you out, give you advice and the great thing is, it doesn’t always have to cost you money!!

The more effort and time you put into the Includability Community, the more you will get out of it.

How long does the Verification Process take?

In reality, this very much depends on either your availability or that of your colleagues who need to speak to our Verification Partners. We will do all we can to support you through the process and do whatever we can to help you achieve Includability Committed Employer status as quickly as possible. We're always here for you!

Is there a chance you will not be awarded Includability Committed Employer status?

In short, yes. But this will only be for two reasons:

  • You don’t want to dedicate time to complete the Verification Process. Anything worth having, is worth investing the time into, right? That’s what we think!
  • If our Verification Partners decide not to award you one the stars, then it may just take a bit longer. But fear not, there will always be a solution and we will work with you to achieve Includability Committed Employer status.

This may seem harsh and a little bit unreasonable, but unfortunately there are too many companies saying the right thing, but not necessarily doing the right thing. We completely understand that it is a journey and every company is at different stages of that journey, which is why it is super important that you are honest with us.

We have a whole community of like-minded people that want to help and it's not only about what you do now, it's about intent and commitment in the future.

If you are unsure, just get in touch and we would love to have a conversation with you. This isn't scary, it's exciting :-)

Is there a cost involved for the Verification Process to become an Includability Committed Employer?

Absolutely not!

The only thing we require is some of your precious time :-)


But you can just go to other Job Boards and advertise immediately!

Absolutely true. In fact, you are spoilt for choice!

Includability is proud that we are different and isn't it about time that the bar was set higher?

We believe that by having Employers that are committed enough to hold Includability Committed Employer status, we can give Job Seekers confidence that you are serious and that you do care.

We really hope that you can see the benefit of what we are offering through the Verification Process and that a short delay in being able to advertise your vacancies will be worth it to your business in the long run.


What could you get out of Includability?

Hopefully, quite a lot. But as with anything, you get out what you put in.

You will have access to a community representing Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Environment & Sustainability and Ex-Military.

Through our monthly Employer Support Groups (ESG's) you and your colleagues can meet other members of the Includability community. These ESG's are all about engaging, collaborating, sharing stories, asking for help and building relationships. 

If you need inspiration, just tell us and we will ask the community for advice. Likewise, if your business or colleagues are doing something incredible, we want to tell everyone about it.

Basically, we know how hard it is as a business to get everything right and sometimes it can get lonely. That's why we want to create a platform that will enable us all to work together, support each other and make meaningful change.

Oh, and we have an amazing team that are always open to any ideas you have and we have a marketing, social media and communications team that is eager to tell and share your stories.

Can Includability be integrated into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Careers Site?

Yes absolutely. There may be a cost involved, but please get in touch and we can discuss everything over a cup of tea or coffee

Is Includability currently integrated with any ATS?

Not yet, but we're working on it. We are scheduled to be integrated with Broadbean and Job Mate by early July. Our aim is to integrate with one new system per quarter and we are always open to suggestions as to who we can integrate with next!

You keep mentioning ‘Community’ - what does this mean?

Glad you asked! Our Community is what makes Includability so different. Consisting of Companies, Charities, Membership Bodies, Ambassadors, Employees and Job Seekers, we all get together on a monthly basis to get to know each other, build relationships, share best practice and help each other overcome any obstacles. Together we will host Webinars, Workshops, Q&A’s, Roundtable events, Insight Groups, Awareness Hubs, Inspirational Huddles and Support Groups. What we love most is the fact that everyone shares the same values. There isn’t any room for competitiveness whatsoever, we are all in this together, for the same reasons, with the same end goal – to create a society that is free from discrimination, that cares for our planet and has genuine focus on our colleagues, friends and employees Mental Health and Wellbeing. That is what Community means to us and we would love for you to be a part of it.

What if you are a company without any vacancies - can you still have a profile on Includability?

Absolutely you can! You will still be required to go through the Verification Process as it is very important we get to know you and know that you are committed. Then when you have a new vacancy you can just purchase Job Credits or sign up to our Monthly Unlimited subscription, whichever suits you best!

Can Recruitment Agencies advertise vacancies on Includability?

No, Includability is only available to Direct Employers. This decision was made because we wouldn’t have any visibility as to the end client that our Job Seekers could potentially be working for and therefore they haven’t gone through the same Verification process as a Direct Employer.

Sorry Recruitment Agencies!

What if you are an RPO and your client wants to advertise on Includability?

As long as your client (not the RPO provider) completes the Verification process and is awarded Includability Committed Employer status, then absolutely fine with us! If you are unsure, just get in touch for a chat. Please be aware that the Profile Page and all vacancies would be branded with your clients logo, not that of your own.

If you are an RPO with multiple clients, do we offer a monthly discount?

In short, yes we can. Similar to the previous answer though, each one of your clients would have to be an Includability Committed Employer but we are happy to offer a discount to make it financially viable for you, so please let us know what your requirements are.

Can you host your own Webinar or can we be guests on your Webinars?

Yes! We would love to help you host your own Webinar. Whether you and your employees are experienced hosts or eager beginners, we are here to support you in any way possible. Need to find additional guests? No worries, we will help you! Empower your employees and get involved as much as you want.

Is there additional costs for the Webinars, Support Groups or Hubs?

No! Just by being part of the Includability Community you get access to all of our Webinars, Support Groups and Hubs.

How do you support Job Seekers? What makes you different?

Alongside the obvious option of applying for jobs, we want every Job Seeker to feel part of our Community as much as the Employers and Employees.

That is why Job Seekers can attend the monthly Awareness Hubs, they can request to host their own Webinar or be a guest on a Webinar, they can become a Blog Contributor (that comes with a very pretty ‘Blog Contributor’ logo for use across their Social Media) and they can interact with your Digital Company Advocates to gain further insight into your company.

Perhaps most importantly, once a Job Seeker finds a new job via Includability, we will keep in touch with them for 12 months to make sure they are happy and to provide support should they need it.

Can you have multiple users?

Yes! When you purchase either a 5 or 10 Job Credit bundle, you will have 5 User Logins and if you sign up to the Monthly Unlimited subscription, then it is just that - Unlimited User Logins.

Can you add your own Content to the Includability Resource Centre?

Of course, we’d love you to! Any Content you submit will keep your branding, be credited to your company and be Hyperlinked to your Profile Page

If Includability partner's with a consultancy, do you receive a 'financial kick back'?

Absolutely not and this will always remain the same.

All of our Partners are people we know and trust, and should you decide to work with any of them then that is reward enough for us.

That alone shows us that the platform is working and we are just happy that the people and companies we have brought together are collaborating.

It doesn’t mean we don’t want to shout about the great partnerships that are happening though, so do tell us!!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer a 15% discount to: Business Disability Forum Members, B Corp Certified organisations, Planet Mark Certified companies, Mental Health Chartered companies, Valuable 500 Members and CSR Accredited organisations.

What else sets you apart?

Pleased you asked because this bit is really important to us :-)

  • We are B Corp Pending and fully committed to being B Corp certified 
  • We are committed to donating a minimum of 5% of our Profits to good causes.
  • We plant trees for every person that attends our Webinars, Hubs, Support Groups, Huddles and more!
  • We have partnered with B1G1 to support amazing projects across the globe that are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We pledge to become a Carbon Neutral business.
Is there something we have missed?

Why not submit your question and we will be in touch!

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