Digital Company Advocate (DCA)

DCA’s are members of your team that are willing to be an advocate of your company to help further engage with prospective Job Seekers.

Whilst a written job advert will tell the Job Seeker some information about the job, the company, career prospects etc, there is no better way to get a Job Seeker even more interested in working for your company than for them to hear something first-hand, from someone that is perhaps working in a similar role or maybe has the same lived experience or maybe joined as an apprentice and has worked their way up over a period of time.

Whatever the reason, your DCA’s should contribute towards your attraction of new talent into the business.

The DCA sets up their own profile, chooses how they can best assist a Job Seeker and chooses the times they are available to respond.

All of the DCA’s across your business will be viewable when a Job Seeker looks at your Company Profile.

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