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The Recite Me dream started in the late 90’s when Ross Linnett, Recite Me CEO, realised that traditional assistive technology wasn’t helping him access the web as effectively as it should in the digital age.

Ross was the 2nd fastest 100-meter sprinter in the UK at aged 18 and held several regional records for 100- and 200-meter distances, which included an appearance on BBC's Grandstand. Ross gave up sprinting, opting to study electrical engineering at Northumbria University. Ross started his post-graduate career as president of Northumbria Students Union, a multimillion-pound business which he turned from an operating loss to profitability via a complete restructure.

As president, aged 22, a close friend with experience of dyslexia suggested that he might have the condition. Ross was diagnosed and provided with assistive technology by the university. It was helpful but limiting, as it was based on just one computer. Hence the idea for Recite Me was born.

Recite Me is now a global Enterprise SaaS accessibility solution with clients across the UK, Europe, Australia and America.

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