About Us

About Us

PayCaptain is a Payroll & Banking platform on a mission to change mundane payroll processes into a helpful/educational/flexible 'getting paid' experiences.

Companies can transform their payroll process into a much valued employee benefit aligned with their culture and values.

Payroll is typically seen as a boring, administrative function with little or no focus on the employee experience. PayCaptain is for businesses that want to attract and retain a happy and productive workforce.

Financial stress in the workforce can be costly – staff turnover, absenteeism, presentism and low morale.   PayCaptain can support the financial wellbeing of employees and directly improve core HR metrics.

Many companies have legacy solutions that don’t play nicely with their HR/Scheduling/POS systems and stuck on old payment technologies like BACS.   PayCaptain is highly automated, offers a personalised managed service and dedicated to innovation and employee experience.


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