Award-Winning Action-Oriented Diversity and Inclusion Trainings

About the Founder Furkan Karayel


Diverse In is an award winning diversity and inclusion platform that brings people from different backgrounds together to make equal and happier workplaces. We help companies to discover the potentials of their multicultural teams and develop aspiring inclusive leaders through online and in-person workshops, consulting services and media/event management. Some of our clients include HubSpot, NHS, Indeed, Central Bank of Ireland, Project Management Institue, Harvey Nash Group and more. Founded by Furkan Karayel, an ex-software engineer who is an advocate for womenintech, diversity, inclusion and empowering female founders globally. 

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List of workshops/talks and programs we provide
- Starting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
- Action-oriented Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
- Engaging diverse teams remotely
- Cultural Intelligence
- Inclusive Intelligence: How to be a Diversity and Inclusion Role Model in Your Organisation
- Practical tips to overcome stereotypes and unconscious bias
- Building leadership profile for women
- Build engaging teams and the power of belonging
- Women in Tech Leadership
- Inclusive Mentorship
- Privilege and Allyship

Our Online courses:

Inclusive Intelligence: How to be a role model for diversity and inclusion in your organisation

How to Engage Diverse Teams Remotely

Dublin, Ireland
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