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About Us

Business Disability Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports businesses to recruit, retain and develop disabled employees and serve disabled customers. Our 400 members employ around 20% of the UK workforce and an estimated 8 million people worldwide.

Ultimately, we exist to transform the life chances of disabled people, working through and with business to create a disability-smart world. We do this by bringing business leaders, disabled people, and Government together to understand what needs to change to improve the life opportunities and experiences of disabled people in employment, economic growth, and society more widely.

Our Members and Partners represent a huge cross sector of UK and global business, ranging from FTSE 500 companies to central government departments, construction companies, retailers, NHS trusts, emergency services and more. Whichever sector they come from, we provide them with a wealth of practical advice and support, thought leadership and networking opportunities to share what works – and what doesn’t! – in a safe space with peers.

In turn, we share this feedback and experience with government and policy makers to help shape disability policy that works.

We think. We advise. We share.

Our community of businesses, thought leaders, and disabled people develop research which influences Government and business policy development.

Our leading business inclusion Advice Service provide a responsive and confidential space for any professional working on any aspect of disability inclusion to talk through ideas, trouble shoot, and get expert case management support on the disability related challenges in their business.

Our events, sector networks, and subject task groups bring together professionals with shared interests to learn from one another, share insight on what works, and collaborate on projects.

We provide practical, evidence-based, strategic solutions for businesses to recruit, retain, and provide inclusive products and services to disabled people via our Disability Business Partners and Senior Disability Business Partners. Our policy, research, and advice related functions are channels by which Business Disability Forum has access to the latest business insight on challenges, changing business structures and landscapes, and the types of practices that employers and service providers are currently developing and are most effective for removing barriers for people with disabilities and long-term conditions.

To find out more about membership, please visit our Membership page or contact our Director – Membership, David Goodchild via email or call 020-7089-2411

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