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About Us

Black Lives Matter is a global movement for racial quality and social justice, protesting against police brutality and violence against black people, Black Lives Matter has political arms in the US as well as UK, however not all Black Lives Matter groups are political and prefer to work on a humanitarian basis first and foremost, believe racism transcends politics.

We are NOT operating in a political capacity, are not a member of, nor are we connected with any political party or political campaign.

BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK is committed in its push to dismantle racism by working with communities and businesses, organisations, institutions and our work is with aim to level up racial inequities in society, in institutions, in the workplace for equity, parity, equality and justice.

Organisation, businesses and Employers we partner with must also be firmly against racism, openly anti-racist are committed to ending racism and use an equitable and accessible process and application system for fair opportunities to be included and equal chances of selection to succeed.

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