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About Us



believe housing is one of the largest housing associations in the north east of England.

We pride ourselves on putting tenants at the heart of what we do and making them part of our journey in providing better housing services, homes and communities.

Part of this is knowing our landscape. believe housing covers 862 square miles, from the very rural west, to the hustle and bustle of Durham city centre, and the magnificent coastline in the east.

With our diverse setting, we place a great amount of emphasis on providing a local housing service to fit local housing needs.

believe housing exists to create a place where everyone feels they belong by challenging the assumptions of the past and present.

As one of the north east’s largest housing associations, it is up to us to drive change while encouraging our customers to expect more. This will challenge us to achieve more, by being more ambitious, more vibrant and more inclusive.


Our Vision

We believe in life without barriers

If everyone expects more they can achieve more and we can transform lives together. It is this power of ‘more’ that will let people realise what is possible – change perceptions, raise aspirations and create inclusive, vibrant communities.


Our Values

At believe housing we agree that our core values are simple. We all agree to:

Do the right thing:

  • For our people
  • For our customers
  • For our business.


Seaham, County Durham
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